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Your Wii U could become bricked simply by not using it



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Are you one of the 13+ million who decided to pick up a Wii U? When was the last time you used the system? If its been awhile, you might want to go fire that bad boy up today. Hopefully it still works, as apparently leaving your Wii U dormant could cause the system to die a slow and painful death.

A discussion surrounding the Wii U has popped up, and its a bit of a public service announcement. Apparently, the Wii U suffers from a NAND corruption issue, which could end up bricking the system. All you have to do is not use your Wii U for a decent amount of time for the issue to potentially crop up.

To be clear, this issue has nothing to do with modding the Wii U in any way, shape or form. This problem can happen to any stock Wii U, and all it takes for the system to die is not using it. Of course, it’s a bit of a crap shoot as to whether your Wii U becomes bricked or not. In other words, go plug in your Wii U today and cross all fingers and toes that the console still works!


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