WRapid™ Recognized as Legal Technology Trailblazer by The National Law Journal for Best Immigration Software


WR Immigration, a nationally ranked Tier 1 law firm, has been named a 2023 Legal Technology Trailblazer by the National Law Journal. The annual list recognizes companies pioneering the legal industry by developing technology that improves how legal professionals and law firms operate.  

WR Immigration was recognized for its proprietary Immigration Management System, WRapid™—a centralized, cloud-based platform and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions software for business immigration. WRapid™ has quickly gained recognition for being the best immigration software’s on the market. Companies have expressed “not knowing something like this existed” and that WRapid™ is a “game-changer” for employers, law firms and human resources professionals. Bernie Wolfsdorf, WR Immigration’s Managing Partner, said  

“Receiving this award is monumental for WR Immigration. It confirms that WRapid™ is the best available immigration management software solution for employers seeking to provide the best possible employee experience for their foreign nationals. Companies are getting it. The efficiencies, transparencies and automated functions provide huge cost savings while improving transparency. The real time reports are something HR and Global Relocation have never seen before.” 

This national Trailblazer Award spotlights WR Immigration’s, WRapid™ technology as a disruptor in the legal industry. This technology has revolutionized the way WR Immigration streamlines case processing. Crystal Williams, Director of Technology Innovation at WR Immigration, said  

“It’s validating and inspiring for the firm to be acknowledged for its hard work and creativity. This award confirms that innovation is critical and WR Immigration is excited to continue to push boundaries with its immigration software.” 

Several years ago, WR Immigration’s Executive Director, Shelly Gu Wolfsdorf, Ph.D. MBA noted the need to create a system that used modern technology to meet client’s needs. Since then, WR Immigration has poured millions of dollars and countless hours into building a transformative immigration management system.  

WRapid™ digitally transforms and streamlines the routine, time-consuming tasks involved in immigration cases. WRapid™’s automation and AI efficiencies set it apart from other products. For example, WRapid™’s bot WRosie leverages the power of OCR (optical character recognition) to intelligently extract key data from government documents and update records in real-time, improving data quality and reducing overall case-processing times. WRapid™ empowers human resources professionals with robust analytics, reporting, budgeting and forecasting capabilities. With customized user profiles for HR, employees, recruiters and managers, entire teams can access cases, review timely updates and securely find the right information when and where it’s needed.  

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