If it’s your first time playing Diablo Immortal, then make sure you choose the best class for your playstyle!

Diablo Immortal is a brand new spin-off of the Diablo series oriented towards mobile devices. It takes everything players enjoy from the mainline series but puts it in a free-to-play package.

It was initially only meant to come out on Mobile Devices, but Blizzard decided to create a PC version as well.

But if you’re looking to truly get the most out of your time with Diablo Immortal, you will need to choose the best class for your playstyle.

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Diablo Immortal Launch Classes

Blizzard Entertainment

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Which Diablo Immortal Class Should I Pick?

In Diablo Immortal, the class that you pick you be a reflection of the playstyle that you will be using while exploring the vast dungeons.

Thankfully, there are six great classes for players to choose from at launch. Not all of them are equal. Of course, some classes are better suited for ranged battle or close combat.

But there are a few classes that are notably better and are worth changing your playstyle for. One of these classes stands above the rest due to its sheer survivability and power output.

Another stands out due to how strategic its skill set is. It all depends on whether you need a class for PVE or one for PVP.

Thankfully, we have the best class for both PVP and PVE here.

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Best Diablo Immortal PVE Class

The best Diablo Immortal PVE class is the Barbarian due to its ability to tank damage, heal by inflicting damage, and overall survivability.

To be successful in Diablo Immortal, you need to be able to dish out damage while staying alive. If your character is a glass cannon, then chances are you’re going to have a terrible time in Diablo.

Thankfully, the Barbarian is anything but glass. Thanks to its AOE attacks and multiple buffs, the Barbarian can tank its way through most enemies in Diablo Immortal.

Furthermore, when you play with friends, you’ll have plenty of group buffs to ensure your team is ready for any challenge they may encounter.

If you’re using the Barbarian, you’ll want to stay as close to the enemies as possible. Most of its abilities are close-combat. Its primary ability, Lacerate, can heal players when they damage enemies. So you’ll be rushing out insane damage while constantly healing yourself.

Barbarian Class Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Entertainment

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Best Diablo Immortal PVP Class

The best PVP class in Diablo Immortal is the Wizard due to its fantastic movement skills and effectiveness in both ranged and close quarter combat.

The Wizard has always been one of the most powerful classes in the Diablo series. This hasn’t changed with Diablo Immortal.

The Wizard is powerful, but it is prone to taking damage. This is why most of its attacks involve ranged spells. The farther away from the fight, the more difficult it will be for other players to stop a Wizard.

But when enemy players do get close, the Wizard can fortify itself with Ice Armor or even use Teleport to create distance between them.

This does make the Wizard a more tactical class that will require some strategy. But this is the reason that it excels in PVP. A player that has mastered the Wizard class will be very hard to take down with any of the other classes in Diablo Immortal.

But, the best class really depends on your playstyle. So you should check out all the strengths of weaknesses of all the classes in Diablo Immortal. A great player can make any class in Diablo Immortal a force to be reckoned with.

Necromancer Class Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Entertainment

Also, if you’re planning on playing on both PC and Mobile devices, then you should turn on cross-progress for Diablo Immortal. This will ensure that your progress is being tracked by every platform simultaneously.

And if Diablo Immortal is hitting every note for you, then you might want to check out the Empowered Battle Pass. It offers over 40 ranks of rewards for players to obtain.