Messaging platform WhatsApp is constantly bringing in new features in efforts to make it user friendly experience. Now, it is working on a feature to change the camera shortcut on the app, WABetaInfo reported. Currently the camera shortcut is available on the top left side of the app.

WhatsApp is currently working on the communities feature on the app. Once it is enabled, the new feature will replace the camera shortcut, the website reported. But what will happen to the camera shortcut?

According to report, WhatsApp will not remove the camera tab but will put it next to the search button in the future update of the app. The camera will show up when the users tap on the shortcut.

This screenshot shows where the new camera shortcut will be placed on WhatsApp(WABetaInfo)

Recently, WABetaInfo had reported that the messaging platform is rolling out a new feature to enable users to view status updates within the chat list. It means that when your contact updates the status, it will be reflected in the chat list. The feature has been rolled out only for certain beta users and will take time when it reaches other users.

WhatsApp is also rolling out a feature to enable users to view profile pictures of participants in a group conversation. The feature has been seen in WhatsApp beta for iOS Any incoming message in the group chat will show the profile picture of the sender next to the message.

The website reported that there is no option to disable this feature as it will be enabled for everyone by default. The feature is still under development and there is no timeline as to when it will be rolled out for the users.

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The other features introduced by WhatsApp include leaving a group quietly, controlling which users can view online status and also screenshot blocking of messages.