U.S. employers added 390,000 jobs in May, extending a streak of solid hiring that has bolstered an economy under pressure from high inflation and rising interest rates. President Joe Biden hailed the May jobs report numbers Friday, calling them “historically robust” and saying they are one of the signs of a “healthy economy.” Biden said because of the progress his administration has made on the economy, “Americans can tackle inflation from a position of strength.” Last month’s gain reflects a resilient job market that has so far shrugged off concerns that the economy will weaken in the coming months as the Federal Reserve steadily raises interest rates to fight inflation. The unemployment rate remained a low 3.6% in May, just above a half-century low, the Labor Department said Friday. “Labor force participation is increasing,” The Associated Press White reporter Josh Boak explains, “that would be good news for most presidents. But President Joe Biden right now is struggling with the problem of inflation.” Boak says Biden’s remarks from Rehobeth Beach Delaware Friday centered on inflation and not the historically low job numbers. “That tells you that voters’ minds right now are more on prices at the pump rather than how many people are getting hired.” The job growth in May was high enough to keep the Fed on track to pursue what’s likely to be the fastest series of rate hikes in more than 30 years.