GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) ­­– The inflation crunch is hitting everyone–including people who are just trying to have a vacation.  Technically, it is free to swim in the gulf, but there are plenty of bills to pay before you get here.  The most noticeable is how much more it costs to travel here, and what visitors are doing to cope with the rising costs.  

“It costs three times as much to get down here from Illinois so it’s affected it that way, I think we left out a lot of the additionals we used to do like eating in the condo and only going out one night a week,” said Amy French who’s visiting from Illinois. It’s the same store for in-state tourists who don’t have as far to travel

“It’s affected everything, I’m fortunate I don’t live far from work but cut down on entertainment you would say,” said Joe Fountain from Blount County. Some years coming to the beach is just a question of where and how long of a stay but with inflation in 2022 for some it becomes a tactical, planned decision.

“Planning would be an issue trying to figure out what I’m going to do and you have to base it on price and cost coming here I had to decide what vehicle to drive, how much gas to put in them,” said Delwin Barnes from Atlanta.

The pinch of inflation is being felt especially at a place like Bywater Beachside Restaurant. The owner says everything they buy has become more expensive and while they have had to raise prices they hope to at least hold the line for the summer.

“The cost of product trying to get it out to people has been really expensive, we try to keep prices down so everyone has a good time but I don’t know where it’s going to stop,” said owner John Helmers.