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These are the wealthiest filmmakers in the world


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There is nothing in the world, that beats a great movie-going experience. From conceiving an idea to presenting it on the big screen, the concept and efforts of the director showcase at every frame. So here below are some of the wealthiest filmmakers in the world, responsible for giving us masterpieces.  

  1. George Lucas
    Net worth: $5.4 billion.

    The man who created the entire “Star War” franchise is sure to earn the top spot on our list. One of the popular movies to date Star Wars and its characters have sure made our childhood special. The success of the film and its sequel made George Lucas a household name and also one of the richest filmmakers of all time. Also, recently he has sold Lucasfilm to Disney for $4 billion.

  2. Steven Spielberg
    Net Worth: $3.7 billion.

    Steven Spielberg

    One of the finest filmmakers of this era, Steven Speilberg has a plethora of accolades to his name. The man behind masterpieces such as ET, Jurrasic Park, and Jaws, Speilberg is counted among the famous and richest director in Hollywood. He has also won the academy awards 3 times over his career spanning 4 decades.

  3. James Cameron
    Net Worth: $700 million

    James Cameron

    James Cameron is another name that surefire shows up whenever famous directors are mention. Known for his brilliant direction and storytelling, James Cameron has blockbuster films to his name. Some of his famous movies include Aliens, Rambo II, Terminator, Titanic and Avatar. His movies have clocked in $1.9 billion in the box office which makes him one of the wealthiest directors today.

  4. Tyler Perry
    Net Worth: $600 million

    Tyler Perry

    Tyler Perry is yet another famous name on our list. The man walks many paths with equal aplomb and has earnings between $100 million and $150 million. Apart from that, his movies have a record of opening #1 in the box office and he rakes in a much bigger share of his profits.

  5. Peter Jackson
    Net Worth: $500 million

    Peter Jackson producer of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

    We all are fans of the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, right? And yes you can extend your thanks to the multi-award-winning director Peter Jackson for that. His movies such as “The Hobbit” trilogy along with “King Kong” have been box office successes earning him the title of wealthiest director in the world.

  6. Michael Bay
    Net Worth: $430 million

    Director Michael Bay

    The rich of the famous directors is incomplete without mentioning the name of Michael Bay. With a string of movies such as “Armageddon”, “Pearl Harbour”, and “Bad Boys I & II”, Michael is also known for the “Transformers” trilogy. Apart from directing movies, the man is credited for producing major television series and has won 5 MTV Awards.

  7. Ridley Scott
    Net Worth: $400 million

    Kristen Wiig, Russell Crowe, Giannina Facio, Ridley Scott

    Ridley Scott started his journey as the director with the Sci-Fi Horror film “Aliens”. He soon went on to direct epic movies such as “The Blade Runner”, “Hannibal”, “American Gangster” and “Gladiator”. Most of his movies have set the cash registers ringing in the box office making him a noted name in Hollywood.

  8. Francis Ford Coppola
    Net Worth: $300 million.

    Sofia Coppola and Francis Ford Coppola

    Francis Ford Coppola is the name behind blockbuster hits like “The Godfather”, “Apocalypse”, and “Dracula”. His dedication towards his craft showcases in the movies and has earned him the tag of “Off-Beat” filmmakers. Today his net worth stands at $300 million.

  9. Roland Emmerich
    Net Worth: $200 million

    Roland Emmerich

    Roland Emmerich is a German-born director known for films such as “Eye of the Storm”, “10,000 BC”, “Independence Day”. His movie “2012” earned him a total gross of $70 million which was a colossal hit at the box office earning him rave reviews for direction and special effects.

  10. Christopher Nolan
    Net Worth: $180 million.

    Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan, Anne Hathaway

    The list of famous directors is incomplete without mentioning Christopher Nolan. Known for his new-age movie-making, Nolan is one of the most acclaimed directors today. “Memento”, “Prestige”, “Interstellar”, “Inception”, and “Tenet” are some of his noteworthy works which have earned him high regard from critics and movie-goers.

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