The City’s Vision comes to fruition through core competent leadership | Local News


Current city department heads, most of whom worked for the city in some capacity before this writer came aboard, unanimously agree: the city has never been in better shape when addressing financial, systemic, or personnel considerations. These public servants vigorously embrace and operate within the vision they created in 2015: “A core competent city team, providing excellence in municipal governance.” Good leaders lead from the front while modeling the standards they expect their subordinates to emulate. All city leaders in Emmett check those boxes with aplomb. Without question, their leadership forms the foundation of our success during the last eight years.

Within days of creating their vision, department directors created five strategic pillars that still comprise the city’s “North Star”. Guiding all city operations and functions, the five pillars making up our astrocompass illuminate fundamental pathways; namely, to create a city that is (1) economically vibrant, (2) health-conscious, (3) legally compliant with all state and federal laws, (4) performing its constitutional mission (protecting people and property), (5) with adequate infrastructure for growth.