The Chaotic One achievements now live in Vampire Survivors


Vampire Survivors’ new free update, The Chaotic One, is now available. Check out the three new achievements added along with a new challenge stage, two new Relics… and a surprising amount of Sonic the Hedgehog references.

The The Chaotic One achievement list for Vampire Survivors is now live. There are three new achievements worth a total of 20 Gamerscore, none of which are secret.

Vampire Survivors: The Chaotic One achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
EXTRA: Bat Country Reach Level 80 in Inverse Mad Forest. 10
EXTRA: Apoplexy Find the Apoplexy at minute 09:00 in Bat Country. 5
EXTRA: Chaos Malachite Find the Chaos Malachite at minute 18:00 in Bat Country. 5

One of the best games on Game Pass just keeps getting better, with developer Poncle continually adding extra content and achievements to Vampire Survivors to keep fans coming back for more. As well as those three new achievements, there’s a hectic new challenge map called Bat Country (spoiler: it contains quite a lot of bats, as well as a greater-than-expected amount of Sonic special stage references) and two new relics to unlock — one that spawns loads more enemies per wave, and another that lets Mortaccio transform into a giant skeleton at level 80. Oh, and as the trailer makes quite a point of, you can now bulk buy Golden Eggs, which should make some people very happy indeed.

We see a few of you wasted no time in getting these done, and it should only take two quick runs on an endgame save to grab all three achievements in around half an hour or so, but the new stuff is great fun to mess around with. If you haven’t already, go get chaotic!