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Support, Encouragement and Staying On Top: How Kirk Cooper is Ruling the eCommerce Industry


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With the pandemic changing how consumers shopped and opened more households than ever before, Amazon recorded record sales of $220 million in April 2021. Surprising even the most shrewd Wall Street strategists, the online giant continues to report jaw-dropping profits, capturing the attention of retailers and small businesses alike.

So, where is online retail headed? Kirk Cooper, the CEO of Ecom Automation Gurus and author of the new bestselling book “Scratch and Claw: The Path to Entrepreneurial Greatness,” believes we’ve only hit the tip of a very deep iceberg.

He recently shared that while many industries were hard-hit by the pandemic, the rise of businesses who needed to streamline their models to include Amazon was in double-digits. When he figured out how to make it happen for his own business, it was life-changing.

“I was making $40,000 to $50,000 per year on my site a few years ago,” he said. “What’s happened has surpassed all my wildest dreams.”

Focused on automating sales by teaching conversion strategies and best practices in scaling, Cooper found that his platform offered two things customers wanted most: profitability and a hands-off approach to selling.

“That’s when I knew I’d hit the jackpot,” he said. “But I didn’t anticipate all the growing pains. That ultimately led me on my next journey.”

A Model of Support and Encouragement

In the early days of his eCommerce business, Cooper thought the key to earning more was simply working harder. But after spending days teaching and coaching high school track, coming home and working on his side hustle was an exhausting and grueling task.

“I realized it was easy to become a slave to your business, and I worked hard to eliminate the barriers to high-performance Amazon accounts and growth,” said Cooper. “Business should work for the owners, not against them.”

So Cooper set his mind to the task of automation, and designed a strategy based on automations and systems that allowed him to scale. That business-savvy paid off, making him a sought-after speaker and trainer on Amazon selling with the added benefit that he knew how to scale a few hundred in sales to thousands per month.

“I used to be a teacher,” said Cooper. “When I started using my own advice, I realized I was onto something, and after having a few companies try out my methodology, I decided to invest in something much larger than myself.”

Beating Back Burnout

Having all those automations in place enabled Cooper to hire a crack team of virtual assistants to monitor those automations and keep his Amazon store running smoothly. Once he found his team and knew what they had built together was working, he quit his day job and pivoted to mentorship full time.

“I wanted to pass on all that knowledge I had accumulated through trial and error and help other eCommerce pros do the same thing I started doing,” said Cooper. “This is the way entrepreneurship works. You get an opportunity, you develop it, and before you know it, the fire is fueling itself.”

Ecom Automation Gurus offers a model of support that its competitors don’t by providing clients the staff and resources they need to keep up without burning out. Cooper found a sweet spot for their unique approach to digital sales—one that included e-store set-up, testing products, personal coaching, and the ever-important scalability—ensuring clients could gauge, adapt and respond to high-growth without concern.

Since Amazon has invested so fully into their technology, Cooper said there is no better time to start a store that serves Amazon customers. According to Researchfdi, Amazon spent $25.3 billion more throughout the pandemic in building, researching, and investing in capital, making it more powerful than ever before.

“Having a store allows for the freedom that many of my clients haven’t experienced before,” stated Cooper. “The FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) model of meeting the speed of consumer wants with red-tape solutions has ended—and I’m proud to ring in its demise.”

The Ecom Automation Gurus team works individually with each business owner to ensure their income is as passive as it is sustainable. Cooper works with clients to take them – and their eCommerce hustle – from being overwhelmed with what to do to delighted with the results.

“In a world where job security is practically nonexistent, it’s great to have a backup of passive income that can sustain you if the worst happens,” Cooper said. “It’s empowering to know I can make such a difference by teaching so many people what I learned the hard way.”

“We’re looking to expand our services to parents, teachers, and those who need a little extra,” he added. “Giving back is a huge priority of ours, and we want to make sure we’re investing in the communities that invest in us.”

About Ecom Automation Gurus

Ecom Automation Gurus, founded by Kirk Cooper, creates a fully automated eCommerce store for its users to assist in making passive income. The founder and CEO have been featured in Success Profile magazine and is an Entrepreneur.com contributor. To check out their services and book a call, visit their website here.

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