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Struggle Is Real: Video Showing Attempts At Charging Tesla Model S In Freezing Winter Goes Viral On TikTok – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)


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Radio show host Domenick Nati posted a video on TikTok about his Tesla Inc. TSLA Model S vehicle not charging in freezing weather.

What Happened: Nati said he tried to charge the vehicle at home but it did not work out. He then attempted to refill the battery at a Supercharger but the car displayed a message stating it was warming up in preparation for charging. 

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The car displayed the message “Charge rate will increase once battery is warm” on its console, the video showed.

The car failed to charge even an hour after it was plugged in — the situation had not changed two hours later either. 

The radio host said he was “stranded on Christmas Eve!” 

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Why It Matters: Nati’s video garnered 727,800 views at the time of writing. It was liked 42,100 times. 

The charging problem occured when it was 19 F or -7 C, reported Electrek. The publication noted that it takes time for the battery pack to warm up enough to accept higher charge rates. The report ascribed the problem Nati was facing to a malfunction.

YouTube channel “Out of Spec Reviews” deep froze a Tesla Model 3 vehicle recently in -14 F weather to see what would happen to the vehicle. 

The notification encountered by Nati also appeared in the YouTube video. However, that particular vehicle did eventually charge up.

Price Action: Tesla shares closed 1.8% lower at $123.15 in the regular session and fell 0.8% in the after-hours trading, according to Benzinga Pro data.

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