If you’ve looked at Steam‘s top sellers at any point over the past couple of weeks, you’ll have seen the Steam Deck dominating the top slot in Steam’s tracker. Because the Steam Deck is available in different models, the Steam Deck actually has been taking up the top three spots. This week, however, there’s a new No. 1 seller on Steam’s charts, and that’s Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered which has finally come to the PC platform as of this Friday.

The chart showing the top sellers at any given time currently has Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered sitting atop the three Steam Deck models and every other product sold through Steam. Considering how the chart uses revenue as its metric, that’s not bad at all considering the price discrepancies between a new Steam Deck and a PC copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered.

We’ve seen this happen only seldomly ever since the Steam Deck released. The cat game Stray briefly blipped above the Steam Deck units on the list of top sellers, though it didn’t retain that spot for long. Cult of the Lamb managed to overtake Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (before the Spider-Man game released) and couldn’t quite top the Steam Decks, but that alone was still impressive for the game.

Even though Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered currently sits atop the Steam list of top sellers, it couldn’t steal the spot in terms of the weekly rankings gathered by SteamDB. That list for the week ending August 14th shows the Steam Deck at the No. 1 spot for the week once more, but both the package version and the standalone release of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered take up the next two slots. Considering the Spider-Man game was only out for a fraction of the week, that’s again an impressive climb, though it was already at the No. 3 spot the week prior.

While it’s occasionally overtaken, the Steam Deck has dominated the top-selling Steam products for the past 11 weeks, so it’ll be interesting to see if Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered can finally take the title of weekly top seller next Sunday when the results are tallied once more.

If you haven’t yet played Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered on the PC, you can check out our review of the game here to see how it does on that platform. We’ve got Steam Deck impressions, too, for those who already have one of Steam’s mobile devices.