Speedrunner completes Baldur’s Gate 3 in only 10 minutes


A speedrunner has managed to complete Baldur’s Gate 3 in only 10 minutes.

The world record time was achieved by speedrunner Mae, who’s uploaded their Any% speedrun to YouTube with a time of 10 minutes and three seconds.

How is this achieved? With Gale and a whole load of jumping. I guess that explains his name, then. Some spoilers follow.

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Thing is, Mae isn’t actually playing the whole game. There’s a specific choice made in the game’s second act concerning the companion Gale that essentially ends the game – it counts as a finish, but isn’t the full story.

It means speedrunners effectively just have to play as Gale, run through the game as quickly as possible, and make their choice for the false ending.

Still, getting to that point in just 10 minutes is an incredible feat. It means skipping every important moment and conversation, using clever positioning to stealth past battle confrontations.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Any% Speedrun in 10:03 (World Record)

It also means jumping. A lot. Mae casts Enhanced Leap on Gale and then proceeds to jump through the game like Hulk, achieving in two minutes what took me maybe two hours in my playthrough. Ice Knife is also used to kill a few imps quickly.

And this isn’t the only speedrun Mae has achieved. The speedrunner has also completed a Sex Any% speedrun – essentially, how quickly can you reach a sex scene. It’s in just under eight minutes, with Lae’zel as the easiest to bed.

This method of reaching the early, false ending is also perhaps how 368 players managed to complete the game in the first weekend, per statistics released by developer Larian.

Other stats shared include Gale being the most popular origin character (perhaps for this very speedrun purpose), Paladin as the most popular class, and players spending a combined 88 years in character creation.