Samsung Galaxy S23 doesn’t support Android’s Seamless Updates feature


Last updated: February 6th, 2023 at 07:49 UTC+01:00

Android’s Seamless Updates allow Android phones to install the updates in the background and install them in a later reboot. The benefit of the feature is that it provides a layer of safety as you can easily revert back to the prior status since the update is installed on a separate disk. Also, it allows users to use their phones while the updates are being installed.

This year, yet again, the Galaxy S23 series has skipped support for seamless Android updates. To go back in time, it was reported that Android 13 would require Samsung phones to feature Seamless Updates. In reality, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Furthermore, it came to light that Samsung could finally bring Seamless Updates to Galaxy phones with One UI 6.0, which is due sometime this year.

Folks at 9To5Google checked their Galaxy S23 Ultra device and found that the Inware and Treble Info apps that check the system data to report information and Seamless Updates were not available. Well, Samsung has been ditching Android Seamless Updates for years, and its previous-gen flagships, the Galaxy S22 series, also did not support it. Samsung skips this important Android feature over concerns about storage because the Android Seamless Updates feature eats up storage.

But this shouldn’t be much of a big deal because Samsung can easily ramp up the baseline to 256GB on its flagship devices. Moreover, it can also shrink the size of the Samsung apps since they eat up over 50GB of space on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which is significantly more than last year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra, which lost over 30GB to system files. There doesn’t seem to be any sort of pressure from Google on Samsung to adopt the Android Seamless Updates feature, given Samsung’s friendly ties with Google.