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Rocket League Season 9 – Rocket Pass, New Map, and more


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Rocket League Season 9 is right around the corner, with a brand new theme and a ton of new content coming to soccar very soon. The Sovereign Krew’s days are numbered, as their season will come to an end in a matter of days, paving the way for the new cycle.

The Rocket Pass is always a source of some of the best cosmetics and more, and this season will be no different, with even more planned. Here’s everything we know so far about what’s coming in the new season, in the Rocket Pass and beyond.

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Season 9 Rocket Pass

Fire and Ice are coming to Rocket League Season 9, and it’s without a doubt one of the best-looking themes we’ve seen so far. There are new wheels, decals, and much more for you to choose between coming with the Rocket Pass, and they all look fantastic.

Rocket League S9 Rocket Pass

A new car is also coming, free with the premium Rocket Pass, the Emperor Car, with Breakout hitbox. Four different versions can be unlocked via the premium tiers, so you can pick a side or sit on the fence as you head into champions field in Rocket League.

New scaly and icy decals for cars like the Octane and much more also allow you to rep your team regardless of the car you use.

Rocket League Season 9 Map

While we won’t be getting a new map with this new season, a much-loved old favourite is getting a serious facelift. Forbidden Temple has been overtaken by two dragons, covering the arena in lava and permafrost.

Rocket League s9 forbidden temple

If you love Snow Day but hate that pesky puck, you’ll be right at home on the blue team in the icy corner. The red team will be backed by flowing streams of lava just itching to encroach on the arena and swallow it whole.

The new map will play host to any new limited-time modes we see for Rocket League Season 9 as well as the holiday festivities.


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