REPORT: Big Changes Could Be Coming To EA Sports’ “Madden” Video Game That Will “Make or Break” The Franchise


For years, fans have been highly critical of EA Sports because of how bad ‘Madden’ is and year after year, the gaming company has failed to addressed the fans criticism.

But that all could be changing.

According to Insider Gaming, EA Sports’ is considering “Madden NFL 24” a “make of break” game for the 35-year-old franchise. Here’s how one source described it to Insider Gaming:

“The discount for players who lost their franchise is only the beginning. EA has big plans for Madden 24 and the management of the game knows how big of a year it is. Not just for the game, but for their future in their positions.”

The reports adds that if next year’s ‘Madden’ encounters similar issues to the most recent “Madden 23” video game, there will be “a lot of change among the game’s leadership.”

Over the past few months, many gamers expressed frustration and outrage over technical issues in relation to the Connected Franchise Mode. Developers for the game posted an apology in a forum and noted that about 40 percent of lost files would be recovered.

It’s finally nice to see EA Sports start to listen to gamers who have been screaming for changes to the franchise. Let’s see if EA holds up their end of the bargain.