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Pilot in LaGuardia Airport ‘bomb’ claim heard asking for help in recording


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The pilot of an airplane that made an emergency landing at LaGuardia Airport over fears of a bomb onboard was calm and cool in his recorded discussion with air-traffic controllers.

The pilot of Republic Airlines Flight 4817 is heard steadily declaring, “We’re landing right now,” as the crisis unfolds.

The terrifying incident happened just before 3 p.m. as the plane, which was coming in from Indianapolis, set down on Runway 4 of the Queens airport and quickly evacuated its 76 passengers and four crew members.

“Tower, Brickyard 48… 4817, we’re declaring an emergency, we have a situation here where a suspicious person has an item that looks like an explosive device,” the pilot says, according to a recording posted online at liveatc.net.

“Brickyard 4817, you said there is a suspicious… Somebody has something suspicious?” air traffic controllers respond.

“Yes, in our aircraft. We’re landing right now,” the pilot says.

Seventy-six passengers and crew members were evacuated after the pilot called in an “emergency” situation on the plane.

A woman who sat next to the apparently crazed passenger and alerted a flight attendant told The Post her strange seatmate was “timing” the flight after take off.

“He was looking at photos of what looked like to be homemade bombs. Then he got very erratic and fidgety at the end of the flight and went to like grab a camera as we were landing and asked to put up the shade. It was very odd behavior,” she said.

As the pilot and air traffic control discuss which runway the aircraft should turn down, the tower asks “you need any assistance?”

“Yeah, we’re gonna be evacuating and just have the passengers just be safe from the aircraft, because we don’t know what this person has. Everyone else is scared on this aircraft,” the pilot said.

Emergency responders met the plane on the tarmac.


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