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Oppo showcases next-generation under-screen camera technology


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Smartphone brand Oppo has showcased its next-generation under-display camera technology. Oppo claims that the selfie camera can be placed under display ‘without compromising the integrity of the screen’. Oppo in its new technology is using smaller pixels to maintain 400-ppi sharpness for the OLED panel. This is different from the earlier approaches that reduce pixel density in the portion of the screen covering the camera to allow more light to pass through.
The change, Oppo says, resulted in “almost no visual difference between the [under-screen camera] area and the rest of the screen during everyday use, creating a much more immersive visual experience.”
The new technology, Oppo says, provides a “perfect balance between consistent screen quality and camera image quality.” Oppo has shared some images of the prototype smartphone with an under-screen camera. The display is notch-free and uniform enough to locate where the selfie camera is located under the display.
Oppo first showcased the under-display camera technology at Mobile World Congress, Shanghai in 2019. The prototype then showed a transparent screen placed above the selfie camera lens with a different pixel arrangement.
Smartphone makers have been trying to remove display notch and selfie camera holes from the display. One such solution was the pop-up camera. Although it helped in delivering a full-screen experience to the users, the pop-up camera added more weight to the device. Also, they could not succeed to be a long-term solution due to malfunction by dust build-up.
ZTE is the only smartphone brand right now to offer a true full-screen experience. It offers ZTE Axon 20 and ZTE Axon 30 with under-screen selfie cameras. But they are marked with poor image quality. Also, the sensor was not completely hidden under the screen.


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