What initiatives should a company focus on when seeking viral growth that lasts? 

The topic of achieving viral growth in the referral marketing space is a topic Ben Dixon, CEO at NaXum, discusses often with clients.

The older methodologies and thinking in direct selling were to achieve viral growth primarily through internal consumption by an ever-expanding sales force.

Opponents to the MLM and party plan space for years have pointed out the flaws of an ‘opportunity’ driven marketing approach that can appear or in some cases operate more like a Ponzi scheme than a legitimate network marketing company.

The legitimate network marketing and social selling companies agree that a product-first culture is a KEY to winning long-term in the space.

Even with a product-first culture, how do you grow virtually?

That is the question NaXum‘s CEO Ben Dixon asked when hosting the open forum for the Direct Selling Executives Forum.

To share on the panel at the forum Ben invited:
Albert DiLeonardo, CEO at Cutco
Alejandro Lopez Tello, CEO at Sanki
Tony Solis, Prev Director at Pampered Chef


The 3 top takeaways from the session cover:

1. Value Innovation

The challenge is to find something that is really innovative, and to find a product, a service, or the way you market it that really stands out from the others. And that’s basically, what I call value innovation. When you are capable of innovating and offering great value at the same time. That’s the foundation of a blue ocean strategy. So, you need to think of what you can eliminate, what you can reduce your company, you can increase and what you can create.
-Alejandro Lopez

2. The Digitalization of the Customer Experience

I started listening to some of these apps and tools that already exist, that has of course, been improved, that we should have invested those days, because that should have been a real first-mover advantage. It would have been a breakthrough, a disruption in the way we sell the products in this industry because we need to move that way.
-Alejandro Lopez

It’s all about social selling. I believe that a lot of companies, we’re used to the belly-to-belly, the belly-to-belly has been the story for years, and this is how it’s done.  And I do believe that we have to change, and adjust. And it’s not about creating just a new approach, and just pivoting completely. It’s about having additional ways that you can engage, the end-line consumer. So, making sure that you have various pathways, not just one.
– Tony Solis

3. Products That Create Trust

Loyalty that the customer has with the brand, and it becomes a brand worth talking about. It’s about quality, quality, quality. Tremendous confidence, not, “Hey, I bought that product. When they run into a customer that already owns it, and it didn’t work.” When the products are high quality and working, that really helps with the actual opportunity. So, one thing feeds off the other. I thought of the brand that has a compelling mission, and differentiates our company from other cutlery companies in the industry. And it really does help with product claims when you have a high-quality product that last. And there’s quite a few direct selling companies that have great products. And you’re like, “Wow, that’s a really great product.” And it helps with the product claims, that the product last, that the product is what everybody says it is. And that helps with the trust and loyalty. So, to me, it all ties in.
-Al DiLeonardo

In the end, the forum agrees that viral growth in the referral marketing space starts with a product or service experience that is so incredible, the customer is motivated to tell others about their experience. 

About The Author:
Ben Dixon LOVES referral marketing. His family found direct sales back in 2006 and had success using technology to create home-based businesses. Since 2010, Ben has focused on serving referral marketing, party plan, mlm, and direct sales companies across the globe with the technology they require to empower their passionate fans to virally grow their businesses.

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