The long-rumored Google Pixel Watch may actually be on the way, if the latest string of leaks and rumors are anything to go by. Following the discovery of an alleged prototype left in a restaurant, someone claiming to be in possession of the watch has taken part in a Reddit AMA to reveal more hands-on details about the device.

According to the poster, known as u/tagtech414, the watch was found by a friend bartending at the restaurant in question, who kept hold of it for a few weeks in case the owners came to retrieve it. Evidently that never happened and the watch was passed on, albeit without the strap.

The original pictures have shown us the watch itself from every angle, but what about the user interface? Sadly the battery on the watch has long died, and as you’d expect the owner didn’t leave a charger; that’s odd considering the watch was supposedly boxed, and the band still shrink wrapped.

(Image credit: u/Tagtech414/Reddit)

However, one commenter suggested that the watch may have the same charging connection as a Fitbit Versa smartwatch. Tagtech 414 promised to try and get hold of a friend’s Versa charger and see if it works. But since the prototype is round, and the Versa range is a rounded square, that may be easier said than done.