Linux 6.3 Released With More Meteor Lake Enablement, Zen 4 Auto IBRS & Much More


Linus Torvalds just released Linux 6.3 as the newest stable kernel version.

Torvalds commented in the 6.3 release announcement a few minutes ago:

“It’s been a calm release this time around, and the last week was really no different. So here we are, right on schedule, with the 6.3 release out and ready for your enjoyment.

That doesn’t mean that something nasty couldn’t have been lurking all these weeks, of course, but let’s just take things at face value and hope it all means that everything is fine, and it really was a nice controlled release cycle. It happens.

This also obviously means the merge window for 6.4 will open tomorrow. I already have two dozen pull requests waiting for me to start doing my pulls, and I appreciate it. I expect I’ll have even more when I wake up tomorrow.”

No Linux 6.3-rc8 was warranted and Linux 6.3 is now shipping. Landing in this past week was an important Btrfs regression fix since Linux 6.2 and also fixing an Intel Gigabit Ethernet adapter that had been stuck to ~60% its maximum speed for the past three years.

Linux 6.3 tag

See our Linux 6.3 feature overview for a look at all the shiny new features of this kernel version. Or if you are short on time, from this morning is the most interesting features of Linux 6.3. Now onward to the Linux 6.4 cycle!