Linux 6.2-rc8 Released – Stable Kernel Release Next Week


Linus Torvalds just released Linux 6.2-rc8 ahead of the planned Linux 6.2 stable release next Sunday, 19 February.

Due to the Linux 6.2 kernel cycle getting underway during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday and that delaying some of the testing work and developer activity around Linux 6.2, Linus Torvalds as planned decided to issue 6.2-rc8 rather than going to v6.2 stable today. This past week though has fortunately been calm on the kernel front.

Among the fixes to land in Linux 6.2-rc8 is the AMDGPU change noted a few days ago in AMD Re-Enables Scatter/Gather Support For All APUs On Linux. This kernel also ended up picking the change to disable high resolution scrolling for Logitech mice connected via USB.

Linux 6.2-rc8

Linus Torvalds wrote in the 6.2-rc8 announcement:

The 6.2 series continues to be fairly calm, and the only real reason for an rc8 is – as now mentioned several times – just to make up for some time during the holiday season. Not that we seem to really have needed it, but there was also no real reason to deviate from the plan. So here we are. And we did have a few late regression fixes, and a couple still pending that will hopefully make it during next week, so absolutely no harm done.

Most of the discussion I see seems to have already been about future stuff, and I also already have one pull request for the next merge window in my inbox (and I won’t mind more if they show up). But in the meantime we did have a scattering of the usual fixes, with networking, GPU and sound drivers being the most noticeable. As is usual.

But there’s other fixes in there too – both smaller driver subsystems and to various other code.

See the Linux 6.2 feature overview for a look at all the prominent changes coming with this first major kernel release of 2023.

In case you missed it from this past week, Linux 6.1 has been officially promoted to LTS status.