(Pocket-lint) – LG has announced new Tone Free true wireless headphones, with the T90 sitting in the flagship position – and offering a world’s first.

According to LG, these are the first headphones to offer Dolby Head Tracking across all content and all devices. That means you can take advantage of head tracking no matter what you’re listening to and what the source device is.

The idea is to put you in the centre of the audio experience, so if you look away, the soundscape stays where it is, without shattering the immersion.

The sound doesn’t always stay where it is, however, after 4 seconds it will move around and reorient with your head, but it means that if you’re playing a game and you look away for a second, the sound stays where you expect it to.

That’s just a headline feature and there’s a lot more in the T90 headphones. They are designed for premium audio, supporting Snapdragon Sound, so when connected to a compatible device you’ll be able to take advantage of 24-bit 96kHz audio.

There’s active noise cancellation and the promise of great performance from the hardware, while LG’s partnership with Meridian Audio continues, with Meridian tuning these headphones to boost the audio quality.

On top of that, the T90 come with LG’s UVnano case, meaning they are cleaned with UV when you put them away. The case not only charges the ear buds, but can also act as a Bluetooth transmitter using the Plug & Wireless system.

This will allow you to connect to sources that don’t have Bluetooth such as an in-flight entertainment system or gym equipment, so you can still use your wireless headphones. They also support multipoint Bluetooth connections.

LG says you’ll get 9 hours of use (with ANC turned off) with the case providing another 20 hours of use.

Alongside the T90, LG is also announcing the TF7 and TF8 headphones designed for sports.

The new headphones will be available from the end of August, the T90 is priced at $220 / €229.

Writing by Chris Hall.