‘Legal Tech Lists’: 29 Squares For Legal Ops Bingo


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It’s no secret that there’s been an explosion of interest in the legal operations field in recent years. So much so that we’ve even got our own cliches!

Here, we bring you our favorite — and not-so-favorite — phrases we often encounter, fit for a game of Legal Ops Bingo.

  1.  “I know our processes are inefficient, but it’s how we’ve always done it!”
  2. “We’re a small company. We don’t need to worry about operations and technology.”
  3.  “We don’t have time for streamlining our processes.  We’re too busy putting out fires.”
  4.  “Why do we need to invest in legal spend analysis when we already know we’re spending too much on legal fees?”
  5. “Why hire a legal operations expert when we can just wing it?”
  6. “Setting up this new system will save us a lot of time, but we’re too busy, and we don’t have the budget!”
  7. “Strategic planning takes too much time. We prefer to just wing it.”
  8. “If we implement an information governance policy, I won’t be able to find old emails and documents.”
  9. “We have a repository, but we also save things to our desktop.”
  10. “Our lawyers will only work in Word, but we want to implement a detailed metrics program.”
  11. “We have legal ops. We implemented eBilling.”
  12. “We don’t need an intake system. That will get in the way of relationship building.”
  13. “Legal Ops professionals make how much?! But I don’t even pay my lawyers that!”
  14. “But our company/department is different…”
  15. “Our clients insist on white glove service.”
  16. “We’ve already cleaned up our templates. They’re good enough.”
  17. “Fixed fees are too complicated. We’ll just charge hourly.”

BONUS ROUND: Shouting “Bingo!” after one of these will double your prize! 

  1. “Low-hanging fruit”
  2. “Synergy”
  3. “Value-add”
  4. “Best practices”
  5. “Paradigm shift”
  6. “Out-of-the-box thinking”
  7. “Streamline”
  8. “Disruptive technology”
  9. “Win-win”
  10. “Thought leadership”
  11. “Metrics & data analytics”
  12. “Process improvement”

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StephanieCorey_UpLevelOps 2023Stephanie Corey is a co-founder and CEO of UpLevel Ops. Stephanie also co-founded LINK (Legal Innovators Network), a legal operations organization exclusively for experienced, in-house professionals. She previously founded the legal operations trade organization CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) and is a former executive member. Please feel free to contact and connect with her on LinkedIn