Jeremy Barnett Releases New Single Titled “Wait”


Florida-based singer-songwriter available to discuss his music and mission

Many musicians dream about changing the world with their music and message. The thought of performing at sold-out venues and acquiring worldwide jet-setting fame fuels many to pursue the dream of living the ultimate lavish lifestyle. But for Jeremy Barnett, the Christian musician, his goal is simply to remind people that our Creator must come first in every aspect of our lives.

Singer/songwriter Jeremy Barnett has written Christian songs since 2018. “Making meaningful music that touches hearts, minds, and souls is what I most enjoy. I want to remind people that God is real, that He’s unconditionally loving, and that He’s waiting for us to seek a real relationship with Him”.

The last 20 years have been a turbulent storm of change for Barnett. He is married and has two boys, one boy has special needs. With life’s gut-punching curveballs, he argued, pleaded, and fought with God multiple times,  getting sober, drunk, and sober again while cycling through intense anger and pain. It wasn’t until he completely surrendered to God unconditionally that his life took on a whole new meaning and purpose.

In the winter of 2020, he began having supernatural visions of a land with revivals for praise and worship. After several setbacks and challenges the 91 acre plot of land known as The Glory Ranch became both a reality and his new home. He is now on a mission to share his story and testimony so that others too may seek peace, purpose, and passion in knowing that God is real and merciful. 

“Wait” is a personal and revelatory song for Barnett, who  wrote, composed, and produced the single himself. With a voice that is filled with the perfect blend of contemporary, timeless, and heartwarming tones all blended into one, Christians everywhere are taking notice of Barnett.

“WAIT” was written to remind people that things may not happen exactly as they want or on their desired time frames. “So many times in the past, I would question why things were happening to me instead of trusting God and His perfect timing,” says Barnett. “As mere mortals we assume that we know best and that the world should revolve around us and our every desire. Now that I truly know firsthand how amazing He is, I have learned to embrace patience and trust while I wait for things to unfold as He intends.”

After setting up his new home studio in Brooksville, Barnett turned to writing and producing contemporary Christian music that would be uplifting and empowering for everyone. In addition to the revivals he hosts at The Glory Ranch he also hosts Saturday worship and prayer services. “I’m rediscovering who I am as a sober adult who’s committed to sharing hope and peace with anyone who’ll listen. I’m in a state of humble gratitude and awe at the doors that have opened for me to do His work as I proudly embark on a mission to help others experience His glory and presence.”

“Wait” is available on major streaming platforms, and the music video can be seen on his Youtube channel

He also invites fans to connect with him on his private Telegram channel where he prays for and with his fans.


Artist Name: Jeremy Barnett 

Mailing Address: 24440 Mondon Hill Rd, Brooksville, Florida, 34601