JAHC names new Executive Director and Techniacal Director


Photo provided by JAHC

Juneau, Alaska (KINY) – The Juneau Arts & Humanities Council Board of Directors has named Phil Huebschen as the new Executive Director and Zachary Pease as the new Technical Director of the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council (JAHC).

Both men were born and raised in Juneau,and have experience working with organizations across the contiguous United States.Huebschen’s background as the Associate Director for the UCLA Chancellor’s society and has a passion for community-based art programs. Heubschen brings with him substantial knowledge of fundraising and strategic development from years of work experience.

“I’m so excited to be joining the JAHC as its next Executive Director,” said Heubschen. “My connection to this organization has informed so much of my life, and having the opportunity to lead its growth and help enrich the arts in Juneau is meaningful to me beyond measure. I look forward to connecting, collaborating, and engaging with our community as we move towards the future”

Heubschen will assume the role in March 2023 and be responsible for fund development, grant and fiscal management, and program management among other responsibilities.

JAHC Board President Abel Ryan says the board is excited to have Heubschen as part of the team.

“He will be working with an already great team at the JACC and Centennial Hall and will bring in some fresh ideas and new energy into the community that will continue our goals of equity and support for the arts in Juneau. Being originally from Juneau, this will be a nice homecoming for Phil, reconnecting with old friends and getting to make new ones.”

Heubschen succeeds interim Executive Directors Reggie Schapp and Jennifer Quinto, as well as the former long-time Juneau Arts and Humanities Council Executive Director, Nancy DeCherney, who retired in May of 2022.

JAHC is also taking on Zachary Pease as their new Technical Director. Pease will be starting in his new role on February 1st of 2023. Pease bring with him expertise in event production and operations from his time as a free lancer. Pease has previously work experience running large events such as Anime Expo 2022, Burning Man, and the D23 Disney Convention for 2022.

“As a born and raised Juneauite I have always appreciated the Juneau Arts & Humanities Council for helping shape the community that supported and inspired me to be the artist I am today,” said Pease. “Accepting the role of Technical Director has been the highlight of my year, and I look forward to using my passion for arts, events, and production to help foster the same inspiration and support that Juneau provided to me.”

As Technical Director, Pease will oversee the technical production of events at Centennial Hall and the Juneau Arts and Culture Center. He’ll also be responsible for inventory of equipment, overall safety, and act as a direct supervisor for the event crew.