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Intel floods European market with Arc A750 GPUs, French retailer has 1233 in stock



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Intel shipping thousands of Arc A7 GPUs to Europe

The price of Arc A750 is dropping in the UK, France has thousands of cards in stock. 

Intel Arc A7 Limited Edition GPUs, Source: TechSpot

As soon as Intel announced a price cut for the A750 GPU, retailers have been relatively quick to respond by lowering their pricing. The A750 can now be found for as low as $249 in the US, €259 in the EU and £249 in the UK. Prices have been relatively steady for US customers, but EU and UK customers may not always be so lucky.

For gamers from the UK, OverclockersUK are now offering its mid-range A750 Limited Edition GPU at just £249.95. That’s the lowest price for this card in the country. To understand how good this price is, one must only mention that the RTX 3050 is currently selling at £299 through the same store, while A750 GPU is supposed to compete with RTX 3060.

Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition, Source: OCUK

Upon checking the prices, we discovered that French retailer PC21 has a massive stock of these cards. There are 1233 cards waiting for new customers (that’s only A750 and only Limited, aka reference edition).

Unfortunately, the price at this particular retailer isn’t the lowest (€277.70). However, this confirms Intel has indeed begun massive shipments of A7 GPUs to European retailers.

Intel Arc A7 Limited Edition GPUs, Source: PC21.fr

Good price but no bundle

Since the start of this month, Intel has updated its game and software bundle. This promotion extends the previous offer with Call of Duty MW2 game, which has now been replaced with games such as Nightingale and The Settlers. Overall, there is now $493.96 worth of software (as claimed by Intel), including apps like Topaz Gigapixel AI.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any UK retailers that are part of this updated promotion. It may still be worth asking retailers directly because that would certainly make this offer even better.

Source: Overclock3D


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