Apple’s marketing team can make you believe anything. They create powerful narratives around their products that persuade consumers to upgrade to the newest models, even if the differences between the latest and previous versions are minor. Case in point: the AirPods series.

Yes, Apple’s white dangling earbuds are perfectly designed to complement your iPhone experience, specifically the AirPods Pro. The market’s best-selling wireless earbuds welcomed popular features like active noise cancellation (ANC) and spatial audio for 3D listening. Apple even integrated IPX4 sweat/water resistance and an ear tip design for a more secure fit — two things that they’ve finessed the public into believing make the AirPods Pro running headphones. 

Let’s be clear. Neither the AirPods Pro, nor the regular AirPods, are running headphones. They were never designed to be such. Apple sells a fitness-centric alternative called the Beats Fit Pro — essentially a sportier version of the AirPods Pro with nearly the same features and sturdier aesthetics. 

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

But no matter what, there will still be millions of iPhone 14 owners running on a treadmill or outdoor trail with a pair of Apple’s ANC buds lodged into their ears. To each their own.