Humane demos combadge-like wearable with projected screen [Gallery]


After various teasers, Humane today finally revealed its product. Ex-Apple designer Imran Chaudhri demoed the combadge-like (in Star Trek parlance) device at the TED 2023 conference.

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The Humane device, which we previously reported was running Android and could be powered by a Qualcomm (Snapdragon) chip, is smaller than a smartphone. At the end of the talk, Chaudhri slipped it out of a custom-tailored breast pocket and was able to hold it completely between his hands.

Only a small sliver needs to be peaking out, with that top portion containing the laser projector that creates a virtual display on the palm of your hand, or other surface. That resulting projection is square-shaped and was green in color, with pretty good fidelity.

There’s also a world-facing camera at the top of the device that was used to perform a visual translation on-stage. Other sensors are presumably also present.

Voice input was activated by tapping on the body of the device, which is underneath the jacket/fabric, to start voice input. There’s a strip of yellow light at the top when it’s listening/active.

Humane was founded by Apple software director Bethany Bongiorno and design lead Imran Chaudhri. The latter worked at Apple for over two decades (1995-2016) and was on the Human Interface Team, while the former was in charge of iOS and Mac software engineering from 2008 until a similar departure in 2016. The company’s stated goal is building “technology that feels familiar, natural, and human,” with the company coming out against headsets and smart glasses for being too isolating.

Humane previously said to expect more information about the device in 2023. It has a waitlist here.


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