Hogwarts Legacy Avada Kedavra Apparently Deals 10 Million Damage


A comprehensive analysis of Hogwarts Legacy reveals that the infamous Avada Kedavra spell supposedly deals a whopping 10 million damage. A user named blahable on the official Hogwarts Legacy Reddit has impressively broken down the exact stats for every spell, talent, trait, and more after pouring through the game’s raw files. There’s even a spreadsheet if you want a peek. Either way, the lengthy post is bloody brilliant, especially for players who like testing out different wizard builds in the game.

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According to the Reddit post (which deserves to be pinned by the way), the next most damaging spell after Avada Kedavra is a tie between Ancient Magic and Petrificus Totalus, both of which only deal a measly 250 damage by comparison. That said, 10 million damage is definitely more than necessary for an instant kill in Hogwarts Legacy, though I suppose then all you need to survive Avada Kedavra is to have 10,000,001 health, right?

The post also provides precise numbers on traits, talents, offensive and defensive scaling, player health up to the max cap of level 40, and how enemies scale for the four difficulty settings. There’s even a separate analysis on broom upgrades if you’re interested.

One interesting tidbit is that every chest in the game has a 75% chance of dropping an item that is the same level as you. That fully explains why players seem to rotate gear so often in the game.