Haku Barely Reacted When This Heavy Object Was Thrown At Him


Never question the toughness of former WWE and WCW star Haku. Much like an Owen Hart rib, there are countless tales as to how tough the Tongan wrestling legend is, and Kevin Sullivan has shared a tale that adds to his legacy on the latest episode of “The Snake Pit with Jake Roberts.”

“Everybody talks about how Haku being the toughest guy in the business? I saw something that I guarantee you made him the toughest guy in my eyes,” Sullivan said to Roberts and co-host Marcus DeAngelo. The Taskmaster said that a locker room in a run-down Nassau County, Florida arena was basically a storage unit, and rabid fans of the territory would get more than violent as the heels made their way to the locker room before and after their matches. 

In a time and area where kayfabe lived, Jake Roberts himself had a story to back that up as he claimed that fans would fling roof tiling off it like frisbees. Sullivan recounted an incident when Haku dealt with something a little more heavier than even that.

“They’d sit on the roof of that place and we’d have to run in, and as we’d run in and they’d have umbrellas too and they stab you with their umbrellas. As I’m ready to go out and I see Meng [Haku] coming back and all of a sudden, they threw a cinder block and hit him on the shoulder from the roof. He dropped to a knee, but he just shook it off and came in. If they had hit him in the head it would have killed him.”