Source: Rene Ritchie / iMore

Apple is set to bring Apple silicon to the Mac Pro “later next year” according to a new report, but it won’t be the main Mac Pro that we’ve come to love. Instead, it’ll be a new, smaller version of the powerhouse machine.

According to Gurman’s latest Power On newsletter, Apple plans to have a “revamped, smaller Mac Pro with Apple silicon” ready for “later next year,” although that could presumably change as the months wind on.

Despite Apple’s intention to launch a Mac Pro mini — Mac mini Pro? — machine, the traditional Mac Pro is still set to get an Inte-powered refresh. We recently heard rumors around that and Gurman again pointed to a traditional Mac Pro update coming at some point.

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The Apple silicon Mac Pro looks set to be around half the size of a traditional Mac Pro, but with some serious power. As many as 40 cores are being rumored for what will surely become the go-to Mac for creatives and developers. While an Intel Mac may still be the best Mac to some who have very specific workflows, most will surely lean towards the Apple silicon option. Especially if it’s a smaller form factor to boot.

While we shouldn’t expect Apple to bring any of this to market this year, we still have a ton to look forward to before 2021 comes to a close. New iPhones, Apple Watches, and even some Macs are thought to be on the horizon before Santa comes calling.