Eric Bolling Asks Why Fox News Isn’t Backing Newsmax Against DirecTV


After Newsmax’s Eric Bolling spoke with Rep. Jeff Van Drew about DirecTV dropping the conservative network, he challenged Fox News over not speaking out on the subject.

DirecTV cut Newsmax from the line-up earlier in the week, citing a dispute over fees. The move sparked objections among conservatives and Republicans, including from ex-president Donald Trump.

Some Republicans in Congress have floated the idea of hearings over the move, a position Rep. Van Drew reiterated to Bolling on The Balance.

Van Drew said it wasn’t just a business move but “raw politics” and “censorship” on the part of DirecTV.

“We need fairness and freedom of speech. And Congress absolutely, I believe, has a responsibility to look into this,” he said.

After the Newsmax news broke, DirecTV announced the addition of right-wing network The First to the channel line-up, a move which The First star Dana Loesch said shows that “nobody was censored.”

Bolling, however, argued on his show this week that “low-rated liberal news channels” are paid the fees at issue, while “high-rated conservative channels are the ones that are being cut.”

Bolling asked whether Van Drew will follow-through with hearings, and the congressman responded “yes I will.”

After wrapping up the lengthy discussion, Bolling pointed out that when One America News (OAN) was dropped, Newsmax spoke out.

“We stood up for OAN. When OAN got de-platformed, we stood up for them. So it’s not about that. It’s not about just us,” he said.

He then challenged Fox News to speak out on Newsmax’s behalf.

“By the way, where are you, Fox? How about you, Fox?” he asked. “How about you stand up for us! We did it for OAN.”

Watch the clip above via The Balance on Newsmax TV.

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