“Easy Money, Easy Life!” Article

Easy Money Easy Life

“Easy Money, Easy Life!” Article

I have discovered a way to get Easy Money and have an Easy Life!  This article will help you learn how to have easy money and an easy life.  You can start by clapping your hands together and l say, “Easy Money, Easy Life” three times. You’ll see, as you do that, you’ll start having easy money and easy life.

You will understand what a magnificent and amazing creator that you are, why you haven’t created the things in your life, and manifested the things that you have wanted. Then, I’m going to show you an easy way to have everything that you want, especially having Easy Money and an Easy Life.

People will typically increase their results and have more easy money within a day, a few days, or no longer than a week. Expect lots of money coming your way.

We’re going to start at a broader perspective. It’s always best to look at things in a broader perspective. You get to look more at a universal view, a God-view, your higher being, your higher power-view, if you will.  Let me share what I have been teaching for almost 30 years.  We have had scientists, quantum physicist, molecular biologists, neuroscientists all come together in the last five years, and they’ve agreed that there are only three steps in order to create anything in your life. In fact, they say that it is all about thoughts that start everything.

So, step number one is our thoughts. Everything literally starts with your thoughts that then build a better future for you.  This is the first step on how to make your dreams come true.

To help improve your thinking, simply write down, “Easy money, Easy Life.” The more you can think this, say this, dance with this, and clap your hands with this statement, the faster you will have it!

Another beautiful thought to write down is, “I love money, and money loves me.” Repeat it three times. You also just want to lighten up. The more you can have fun, the more you can smile, the more you can laugh, the more you’ll attract it towards you.

So, how do thoughts become things?
Science says there are three steps for us to create anything that we want. They ran scientific experiment after experiment, and actually proved that there are three steps to everything. The first step is our all-powerful thought. It is our thoughts that starts everything. Biblically it says, “Ask and you shall receive.” It is this asking part, and whatever you are asking is your every moment- thought. In fact, throughout the day we have 60,000 thoughts. Out of those thoughts, about 80% are unwanted thoughts or what most people would say ‘negative thoughts.’  Even more so, 95% of those 60,000 thoughts every day are the same thoughts that you and I had yesterday, which means we’re going to get the same thoughts tomorrow, the same experience, and the same things because thoughts do create, thoughts become things!

Step number one, the way to create anything is with your thoughts. It doesn’t have anything to do with what other people’s opinions are. It doesn’t matter what the economy is right now. In other words, it doesn’t matter what’s happening in the outside world.  This is an inside job with your thoughts and your feeling that will create easy Money and an Easy Life for you!

So your thoughts create according to science.  Step number two, your thoughts create energy, and that energy scientists call emotions. Know that as you are thinking and creating these feelings, your feelings are what the scientists say, the energy that then creates matter!

Thoughts create energy, which are your emotions. And that creates what the scientists say ‘Matter.’  This is why thoughts become things and this is how to have more Easy Money and an Easy Life!