Google’s new Pixel 6a smartphone offers a lot of great features for the price and that includes 5G support. Even though it doesn’t have 5G in its name like the Pixel 5a 5G did, the phone does support 5G connectivity. That’s because it’s powered by Google Tensor — the same chipset used in Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro, which includes a modem that supports 5G. So to answer the main question, yes, the Google Pixel 6a supports 5G. That’s true for both unlocked and the carrier-locked models of the phone, so you will be able to connect to 5G networks regardless of the variant you pick. The 5G support on the Pixel 6a, however, comes with a catch.

Google Pixel 6a 5G support: Sub-6 GHz and mmWave

There are different types of 5G networks out there and only certain phones tend to work with all of them. Similarly, all models of the Pixel 6a don’t work with all 5G networks out there. The unlocked variants of the Google Pixel 6a only work with sub-6 5G networks. Even carrier-locked versions sold by some of the major US carriers out there including T-Mobile and AT&T only support sub-6 5G, even though they’re branded differently. Verizon, for instance, brands its Sub-6 5G as ‘Nationwide 5G’, AT&T simply calls it ‘5G’ whereas T-Mobile calls it the ‘Extended range 5G’.

Those looking to get their hands on a Pixel 6a with mmWave 5G will have to turn to Verizon. The mmWave 5G variant costs $50 more than the regular models, meaning you’ll have to pay $499 for the Verizon Pixel 6a instead of the standard $449 price tag. The Sub-6 5G should be enough for most people, but it’s nice to have the mmWave 5G support if you happen to live in a major city and want the fastest speeds possible.

    The Google Pixel 6a comes with 5G support but not all models support the speedy mmWave 5G networks.

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