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Change your Trajectory by One Degree and Create Monumental ROIs: Massive Accelerated Success with 1% Calibrations!


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Goals are essential to every individual and organization. However, setting those goals is meaningless unless you pay attention to the course you’re traveling. We all start at Point A en route to our Goals and Objectives (Point C). Unfortunately, far too often, individuals and organizations get off track and get lost in dead-end behaviors (Point B).

Be deliberate and purposeful as you work towards your goals. Measure your progress along the way with objectives and specific Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and milestones. These benchmarks, and ultimately your final goal, are created from your Values which drive your inward Vision and outward Mission Statements (MAPS).

To reach your goals and attain a higher level of ROI (Return on Investment) in every endeavor, you must first understand the Trajectory Code Model.

As you leave Point A, there is a short period of time where your actions and behaviors place you on a trajectory toward success (Point C) or failure (Point B).

Recognizing what those actions or directives are and seeing which trajectory pathway line they will lead you down is critical to success, achievement, and sustained performance.

In reality, most people and organizations have the best intentions when leaving Point A (the onboarding of a new employee, starting a new campaign or initiative, etc.). However, unless there are mindful individuals, coaches, mentors, benchmarks, or systems to evaluate progress continuously, your supposed trajectory towards C can send you towards B.

Think of the KPIs that keep one en route to Point C goals as the GPS for accelerated growth. With constant progress evaluations, it’s relatively simple to recalibrate and get back on track if you find yourself off course. As a result, success will be more easily (and often) attained.

However, if you head off course with no accountability mechanisms in place, your incorrect behaviors will lead you directly to Point B… far away from your true goal. Over time, this Behavior becomes Habit-forming, and Habits become your Personal SOP (Standard Operating Procedures). At this level, it becomes engrained to operate and see things only from this dead-end trajectory. This becomes your vested Emotions, and your emotions cause you to insist that your way (SOP) is the only way and the best way.

If you reach the dead-end of Point B, the explosion causes defensive Behavior, blame, and gamesmanship. The necessary change to get from Point B to Point C seems far too overwhelming for most.

Imagine if, at the base of the Trajectory Model at Point A, we had people, systems, and tools to help us make the recalibrations necessary to arrive at Point C? I call these easy adjustments the 1% factors. There are endless intersecting and progressing ROIs that can be plotted into the Pathway C Trajectory and will get you where you need to go.

When you operate from a greater understanding of the Trajectory Diagram, you can manage and predict human behavior more accurately and facilitate simple 1% change calibrations to attain greatness. For example, consider the new ROI vocabulary that your Trajectory Code can drive:

  1. ROIntellect –Demand that you continuously enhance your mental DNA and draw deeply from within, always showcasing the best of you and others!
  2. ROIndividual Initiative – Imagine that your Trajectory “C” line was paved with support systems and people to allow you to deliver on ROI #1, so you and others freely gave 100%, 100% of the time; and accepted nothing less from everyone in your space?
  3. ROInterpersonal Relationships (leverage multiplier) – Now, imagine you could leverage 100% of the people you know and could motivate others to do the same in pursuit of Trajectory Point C.

When you have clarity of Point C with clearly defined Language that guides every action, it becomes a common DNA thread that unites people of like cause, mind, or goal with one another, and the cumulative energies become overwhelming. This spells real ROI of any capital you get to work within!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Magee.

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