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Dead Space Remake Exploit Earns You Infinite Money, Ammo

Motive Studio’s Dead Space remake is a bloody slow-crawl to victory, one that might be made easier with an exploit spotted by a Reddit...

Intel drops the price of Arc A750 GPU to just $249, new driver gets performance improvements

Intel says Game On, Arc A750 GPU is now cheaperIntel announced a price cut on their mid-range GPU to tackle GeForce RTX 3060.GPU maker...

Hogwarts Legacy leaker who claimed the design director was their dad struck by Warner Bros copyright notice

The Hogwarts Legacy community is lamenting the temporary disappearance of a bizarre leaker claiming to be the son of a senior developer.In a now-nuked...

Famitsu Review Scores: Issue 1783 – Gematsu

This week's Famitsu review scores are in. Thanks, Ryokutya2089. (Screenshot via neciss_JP_onion.)… Source

It’s the land of the freebies for NYC’s ‘entitled’ migrants

Say this for the migrants demanding more free stuff from City Hall: they’re fast learners about the new American ethos of endless entitlement. Schooled and...

Super Nintendo World’s Mario Kart Ride Has A “Waistline” Limit (US)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAy_j0U9ATg If you love Mario Kart as much as we do here at Nintendo Life, one of the first things you're probably going want to...

Meta is inexplicably shutting down one of the best Oculus games

We’ve called it a cross between the Battle School from Ender’s Game and ultimate frisbee. We’ve called it Final Fantasy X blitzball meets VR....

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