Right before Top 8 action kicked off for Guilty Gear Strive at Evo 2022, Arc System Works officially announced details of Season Pass 2, confirming Bridget will return in all of their mixup-latent glory as the first DLC fighter on Aug. 8. 

This will kick off the second season of DLC content for the Strive, with Bridget being the sixth playable DLC fighter added to the game post-launch. They will boast a familiar affinity for long-range attacks paired with a lot of movement options to help with setting up tricky yo-yo combat.  

Overall, Season 2 will follow a similar format to the original Season Pass, introducing a total of four additional DLC characters, two new stages, and a second color pack for character customization. It will cost $24.99 and begin its roadmap on Aug. 8 with Bridget’s release—you can also purchase Bridget individually for $6.99.

ArcSys is also celebrating over a year of Strive by announcing that the game has sold more than one million units globally, becoming the first title developed and sold directly by the company, and in the Guilty Gear franchise, to cross that milestone.

As part of the celebration, a new music video for Sol Badguy’s theme Find Your One Way including new original animation has been released to showcase the story of the franchise’s protagonist. 

Strive is also receiving a permanent price cut on digital stores starting Aug. 8, with the base game now being available for $39.99.

The Strive and Season Pass 1 and Ultimate Edition bundles are also launching at $59.99 and $79.99 respectively, with the latter including all content from Season Pass 1, Season Pass 2, and more.