Apple WWDC 2022 is all set to announce iOS 16 tomorrow. What benefits should iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 users expect from this? Know here.

iOS 16 is going to make its grand appearance at the Apple WWDC 2022 event tomorrow! There can be many announcements that you can expect in relation to MacBooks, iPads, and more, but it will be the iOS 16, the next major Apple software update, that will hog the spotlight during the WWDC 2022. And with the entry of iOS 16, the iPhones will get a new look and new features. All the latest iPhones including iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone SE 3, and some of the older ones will get the latest update of iOS 16 soon.

But what will iOS 16 bring for these iPhones? Will it add something new to the already available features with iOS 15? Or, will there be a completely new experience? Certainly, there are a lot of questions! Well, thanks to the leaks and rumours that have already shared a glimpse of iOS 16 ahead of its official announcement, here are the gifts that the new iOS 16 may be bringing for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 users.

What will iOS 16 bring for the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 users?

We won’t have the complete picture, of course, till Apple brings its official glimpses to the WWDC 2022 event. Still, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has managed to give a rough idea about what iOS 16 may change for the iPhone users. And if you are using iPhone 13 and iPhone 12, then definitely your iPhones are on the list to get a new experience with iOS 16. The leaks suggest that with iOS 16, Apple iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and most other iPhone users will get several new features and updates. However, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, and iPhone SE 1st Gen will be barred from this update.

Apple is expected to revamp the notification panel on iOS 16 and the new lock screen wallpapers are expected to have widget-like capabilities. However, what these widget-like wallpapers for the lock screen will look like, is still a secret. Gurman also suggested some major upgrades to the Health app as well as the Messages app.

Interestingly, it is rumoured that iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will get an always-on display feature with iOS 16. But if iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 will get this or not, is still unknown.

So, things look exciting and to find out what Apple exactly has rolled out, make sure you tune in to our live blog on the day- June 6.