The Apple Watch 8 is set to mix things up color wise, according to the leaker ShrimpApplePro. This will help differentiate the new model from the current generation, as other design changes are hard to spot, the tipster claims.

In a short thread on Twitter (opens in new tab), ShrimpApplePro claimed that aluminum models will be available in starlight, midnight, product red and silver, while the stainless steel version will come in silver, graphite or gold. That means it’s the end of the road for the more playful blue and green shades, with starlight and silver introduced for the aluminum cased models instead.

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Apple Watch Series 7 came in these colors (Image credit: Apple)

Apple is also apparently set to make the Apple Watch 8 tougher than previous generations, with the leaker claiming the introduction of a “new box seal with stronger glue”, that will damage the box if resealing is attempted. While that sounds like it’s referring to the packaging rather than the hardware itself, ShrimpApplePro did clarify that this is a reference to the casing in a later tweet (opens in new tab)