Apple has developed a new iPhone display solution for its retail stores that highlights MagSafe wireless charging, eliminates cable clutter, and makes iPhones more approachable to customers.

Today, tables at every Apple Store use white polycarbonate risers with a row of Lightning connectors to spotlight every model in the iPhone family. The risers contain product information, loose security tethers, and visible cables to power each phone.

Apple’s latest solution replaces Lightning docks entirely in favor of four MagSafe chargers mounted on stainless steel arms. The new design elevates iPhones from the table, making the devices appear to float when viewed from the front.  Each iPhone is easier to pick up and replace, and MagSafe accommodates a more accessible viewing angle when docked.

Apple Park Visitor Center

The new risers were spotted only at Apple Park Visitor Center in the past week and have not rolled out widely to other store locations. The design is compatible with devices that support MagSafe, limiting its current use to the iPhone 12 family. These fixtures are for display only and not available to purchase at the store.

Aside from being the dream dock of many iPhone owners, the benefits of MagSafe risers are immediate and numerous. The entire display solution is powered by just one cable, eliminating clutter from Apple Store tables and reducing waste. For the first time, iPhone security tethers are retractable, further reducing tangles and constant cable spooling by Apple Store teams. Lightning docks were prone to bending when phones were replaced improperly or pushed while docked. MagSafe is less delicate and could reduce merchandising overhead.

Apple Park Visitor Center

The new displays also pair well with the new Explore app, the interactive demo experience preloaded on every display iPhone. Explore rolled out to iPhones in June 2021 and replaced the Pricing app. With Explore, Apple has made it easier to compare iPhone models, see pricing options, and discover key features. The improved user experience eliminates the need for printed descriptions on each riser.

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