Apple could be on the verge of launching a classical music streaming app, after lines of code in the Apple Music beta for Android revealed a potential name: Apple Classical. 

The lines of code were discovered by 9to5Mac, which says that they reveal the ability to open a compatible track directly in the optimized service that will specifically cater for classical music – unlike Apple Music, which covers a broad range of genres.

As 9to5Mac says, the code hints at possible future features, but that “Google may not ever ship these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be imperfect”. 

(Image credit: 9to5Mac / Apple)

As such, a beta version of an app isn’t always a guarantee that it will be released, but we already knew that Apple was planning to launch a standalone app for classical music. In 2021, the tech giant bough classical music streaming app Primephonic, and said that it plans to offer Apple Music subscribers Primephonic playlists and exclusive audio content.