A photo of two screenshots showing Android 12 on the left and Android 13 on the right

Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

If you use accessories like the Pixel Stand 2 or want to look at something while your phone is charging nearby, you can set up one of Android 13’s new screen savers. Previously, Android 12 only offered one option—the clock—but Android 13 offers three new ones: colors, news and weather, and photos. Only two are customizable.

To access the screensaver, Head into Display > Screen saver > Current screen saver. Then, tap an option. You can choose between a digital or analog clock if you choose the clock option, while colors will cycle through the rainbow. If you select Photos, you can choose from which Google account or locally-stored folder to pull in pictures. The news and weather option isn’t customizable.

When you’re finished choosing your screensaver, don’t forget to select When to start. Choose from three options: While charging, While docked, or While charging or docked.