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AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade to replace Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade at LinusTechTips YouTube channel



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Intel pulls out LTT’s Extreme Upgrade deal, AMD takes over

Linus Media Group will no longer produce Intel Extreme Upgrade videos, as the sponsor pulls out.

Linus Sebastian confirmed that the highly popular Intel Extreme Upgrade series have ended. Intel will no longer collaborate with LTT (Linus Tech Tips) for this type of content. The owner confirmed that AMD will take over the format by introducing its own “Ultimate Tech Upgrade” series which is to kick off soon.

The Intel Extreme Upgrade had a simple format of giving each LTT employee a budget of 5K USD for a new PC. Eventually, this budget included other devices and products that were loosely attached to the PC gaming, but it gave each individual a chance to express and introduce themselves to the growing LTT audience.

Intel collaborated with Linus to make as many as 24 videos, which together had 87 million views. This sponsorship started 2 years ago and has been relatively successful for all parties involved, claims Linus.

Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade, Source: Linus Tech Tips

Unlike Intel who do not offer high-end GPUs yet, AMD may request that their Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs are exclusively used for the Ultimate Tech Upgrade, however the details of the deal were not disclosed yet.

LTT has never revealed how much did Intel pay for the content, but the with the upgrade budget alone it accumulated $120K, that’s not including the sponsorship deal and the ad revenue.

You can watch all Intel Extreme Update videos here.


The following video is timestamped

[Linus Tech Tips] Our Biggest Sponsor Pulled Out – WAN Show February 10, 2023 (219,640 views)


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