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Activities that rich people love to do


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Depending on someone’s budget, the things they will choose to do may vary. When you have the luxury to choose without money being a criterion the funniest and interesting choices may come up. Here we have 6 common things among rich people’s communities that you may often meet.

Exotic pets

Exotic pets are another extravagant trend for the rich. To give you an idea of the costs related to this industry, we will just tell you that a tiger comes at the price of approximately 50,000$ while its cub will cost more than 3,000$. Of course, you have to also keep in mind that buying a ”cat” like that demands the respective arrangements at your villa which exceed 90,000$ while the annual cost of caring is around 8,000$ and yet you cannot be sure whether you will be able to ”play” with it. At the same time, ethical issues arise and this is partially the reason for the high cost implemented in such sales.


It is not obvious that you have to be rich in order to turn to charity. People who are less wealthy are often more sensitive to other people’s financial issues and psychological pain because they have experienced similar situations. However, they are often unable to support others due to their tight financial situation. The rich on earth can return a part of their good luck to the universe, saving thousands of people from poverty. Being a philanthropist is a kind of luxury and thankfully wealthy people are used to luxury in all its forms.


Apart from caring for others the ones who are rich may often think long term. Elon Musk is a perfect example of that. The famous entrepreneur did not sit quietly after he experienced the success of PayPal. He took a part of his earnings to invest in artificial intelligence and missions to space. Thanks to him the cost of sending rockets to space has lowered significantly and the idea of stepping foot to more and more planets is no longer a wild dream. Sponsoring is not only about promoting a part of your job. Sometimes it has to do with an individual’s faith in a certain vision and goal. Again rich men are often innovators and risky, so sponsoring is a perfect fit for them.


Personal development and education


Personal development has many options. A scheduled appointment at the psychiatrist on a weekly basis may be a form of personal development. Seminars and lessons of shelf improvement are also wonderful opportunities to get in touch with your inner self and reconnect with your unconscious mind. Again, the costs here, indicate that involving this trend is not for everyone. Educating in all its forms demands time and space to make a difference in people’s lives, this is why – believe it or not- reading is also more often for rich people.

Real estates and investments

Not few are the ones who are related to the real estate business without being professionals. Buying land or a building in a safe neighborhood sounds like something that will only add extra earnings to your pocket and if you have the cash to do it soon, it is a cool investment. People who owe a great deal of money can turn to other investments as well. There is a saying ”fish and money should be consumed while they are fresh.” People with fat pockets are familiar with investments and they are also ok with the possibility of failure. This is actually why they like to invest in many industries; to make sure that if something goes wrong, other alternatives will pay them back.


Traveling is very popular and strictly related to education and knowledge. The experience of a different country and culture allows us to broaden our horizons and think in an open-minded way. Unfortunately is yet another ”sport” that needs money, especially if you are used to high-quality standards and expect your vacation to be classy and elegant. For what is worth, we hope the trend goes on for a long time since it helps humans overcome their biases and preconceptions and finally become more useful for society.

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