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8 pet trackers in Singapore to prevent your furry friends from going missing



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Tabcat, a product developed in the UK, is a fine example. At S$120, it almost triples the price of Bluetooth trackers but claims to trump them in range and performance. It tracks up to four cats within 182m and each one weighs only 5g, making it perfect for that new litter of kittens. Whether they’re indoors or outdoors, your directional handset will tell you where to walk through a series of beeps and lights.

Interestingly, Tabcat even doubles up as a “pager”. According to their website, nearly 70 per cent of users managed to summon their cat to come home by pressing a small button which activates a small beep on their tag. You may need to bribe them with treats for a start, but still.


GPS trackers are the most evolved of the lot. Compared to radio frequency trackers and Bluetooth trackers, they cover a large – if not unlimited – range, which bodes well for dog owners. Plus, they rely on satellite systems and, at times, cellular networks instead of nearby devices. So, even if your dog winds up in the recesses of Tuas where civilisation does not reach, there’s a good chance you can find it.

But here’s the catch: GPS trackers cost more for these reasons, and those with an unlimited range come with monthly subscription fees. Below are some options:


If you have an escape artist on your hands, you’ll rest your case with Petfon’s Petfon2 (S$245). The water- and dust-resistant tracker covers up to 1km and 6.5km in dense and open areas respectively, lasting nine to 17 hours on a single charge. The geofencing function allows you to designate a “safe” zone and get notified when your good boy crosses the line, and you can even communicate remotely via pre-recorded voice commands if need be.


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