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3 new features to try out on your Kindle Scribe



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The Pen was already a great way to write or draw on this Kindle, but new brush types are making using the Pen even better. The Kindle Scribe is now getting new fountain pen, marker, and pencil brush options, ensuring that you can get the perfect brush type for the task at hand.Not only are there three new brush types, but each of those gets five thickness options—helping make using the included Pen even more versatile. The fountain pen type means you can create stunning calligraphy. With the marker, better highlight text. And, with the pencil, you can create natural-looking sketches right from your Kindle Scribe. All writing tools now feature enhanced pressure and tilt capabilities as well, providing more precision in your writing or sketching.

The new brush types are available in the writing toolbar in Notebooks, in sticky notes in books, and anywhere else you can write on your Kindle Scribe. Plus, all of these options are available as Premium Pen shortcuts, so you can slot them straight into your workflow.


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